Hello friend!

So I am going to tell ya a little about myself and what Quilted Hearts Photography is about. I'm mom of adult kiddos, and a military wife of 28 years.  


While raising my two I realized how it is so important to save up the memories of their childhood while you can, so I decided to learn my camera and the art of portrait photography while going through college.

I am now looking at over a decade of intensely pursuing my craft and I am even more passionate about it now than I was 10 plus years ago. It is challenging sometimes, but just as rewarding and has, at times, been incredibly surprising like being published in literary works such as the cover of Canyon Life, Skyliner, and CCR magazines. Pretty exciting stuff for this small town farm girl who grew up in the Ozarks.

Other than immersing myself into photography, I'm a pretty typical gal. I dearly love my hubby and very best friend of 28 yrs...we love running off to the mountains every now and then...thanks to being a military family we've lived all over the world and have found something to appreciate about each place ... I thoroughly enjoy tastee desserts...yummy drinks i.e. coffee, tea, and Yes good wines...the hubby and I pride ourselves on discovering new delicious recipes to create on our kamado grill, and then sharing with friendswhile entertaining...I totally believe good deep belly laughs are essential (don't really take myself too seriously honestly)...and when I'm not crafting portraits I love creating things with my sewing machine, or helping hubby with his woodworking projects(and sometimes coming up with new projects for him to create haha)...most of all I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Time with Him everyday is what keeps me grounded and at peace with even the ugly things in life. 


Crafting and creating beautiful and precious memories for you is the passion that continues to make me pick up my camera day after day. I am thrilled when a client sees their photos and they are overwhelmed with joy from what we have captured. There is something so amazing about getting that real emotion caught in a photo. Its the one thing we can hold onto as life trucks us on to the next phase, and next thing you know everything has changed.


"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14